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Dust Monitor

Dust Monitor

LD-5R is portable Digital Dust Monitor manufactured by Sibata, Japan.

Sibata is more than 90 years old company with specialization in dust monitors to protect humans from harmful effect of SPM.

Light weight, Battery / Mains operated monitor comes with Color graphic LCD Display, data logging & Analog output for recording .

PM 2.5 cyclone or PM 10 cyclone filters can be optionally supplied.

LD-5R Digital Dust Indicator

Compact handheld dust indicator Performs real time measurement of suspended particle matter (SPM) in indoor spaces, public spaces and for industrial health purposes

LD-5R PM2.5 Digital Dust Indicator

LD-5R digital dust indicator equipped with a PM2.5 cyclone particle size selector Portable and performs simplified measurement of PM2.5 concentrations on a real time basis

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The products are equipped with color LCD displays that facilitate character recognition and the viewing of measurement results at dark measurement sites. In addition, they incorporate a LED indecator that indicate the operation status to allow operators to view the operation status from a location that is remote from the position where the indicator is placed.


Real time monitoring

They adopt the light scattering method to perform real time dust monitoring.


High level of measurement precision

They adopt the purge air system to prevent dust in the sucked-in air from adhering to the optical system. After the end of measurement, it replaces the air inside the detector to maintain cleanliness and ensure outstanding durability.


Ease of maintenance

For maintenance, it is sufficient to replace the cylindrical filter and the circular filter.

The sucked-in air passes through the cylindrical filter paper at the bottom of the main unit. This protects the pump from the dust that is sucked in. A circular filter paper is mounted on the outlet of the suction pump. The air that passes through this filter paper is supplied to the detector as purged air.


Compact size for measurement

The size is 31% smaller and the weight is 0.6 kg lower than the old model(LD-5).


Pump suction system

The suction system employs a pump that is more powerful than a fan. That has paved the way for the stability of measurement and the attachment of a particle size selector.


Particle size selector

The right diagram portrays the correlations between the dust indicator with the PM2.5 particle size selector and the official method. The PM2.5 particle size selector employs the cyclone method to ensure very easy maintenance. As an option, a PM10 cyclone particle size selector is also available.

  • Measurement of dust concentration in office buildings and indoor public places
  • Measurement of dust concentration at construction sites
  • Measurement of dust concentration in factories for occupational health purposes
  • Simplified monitoring for PM2.5 (* For the LD-5R PM2.5 digital dust indicator only)
LD-5R Digital Dust Indicator
Code No. 080000-72
Model LD-5R
Measuring Principle Light scattering method
Light Source Laser diode
Measurement Sensitivity 1 CPM = 0.001 mg/m3 (for standard particles)
Measurement Range 0.001 to 10.000 mg/m3 (for standard particles)
Measurement Accuracy ±10% (for standard particles)
Suction Flow Rate 1.7 L/min.
Suction Equipment Suction pump
Display Color graphic LCD
Data on Display • Cumulative count • Measurement time • Bar chart • Instantaneous value (CPM) • Trend chart • Current time • Mass-concentration conversion value • K factor • Remaining battery power • Error message
Timer Time set at 1, 2, 10, 60 or 240 minute(s), discretionary setting, manual
Logging Measurement Number of logging points: 60,000
Minimum logging cycle: 1 second
Maximum measurement time: 9,999 hours and 59 minutes
Log data: CPM value, measurement start time, data counts, logging cycle and etc.
Span Check Automatic sensitivity correction
BG Reset BG measurement, recording and reduction
Analog 0-1 VDC, Output impedance 100, Three range selection
(1) 0 to 1,000 CPM: 0-1 V, 1,000 to 10,000 CPM: 0.1-1 V
(2) 0 to 1,000 CPM: 0-1 V
(3) 0 to 10,000 CPM: 0-1 V
Pulse Open collector
Withstand voltage: 12 V maximum
USB Output of data recorded on the main unit
Communication: USB Reading of data and main unit setting with the use of dedicated USB communication software
Power Source  
Batteries AA alkaline batteries: 6 pieces
Operating time: Approx. 10 hours
AC Adapter 100 to 240 V AC
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 40 deg. C, Humidity: 5 to 90%
Dimensions 184 mm W × 68 mm D × 109.5 mm H
Weight Approx. 1.1 kg (incl. batteries)
Standard Accessories AC adapter, six AA batteries, shoulder belt and set of filters
Options Soft case, communication cable with software, air suction adapter, and analog pulse cable


LD-5R PM2.5 Digital Dust Indicator
Code No. 080000-725
Model LD-5R PM2.5
Standard Accessories PM2.5 cyclone particle size selector, standard inlet, AC adapter, six AA batteries, shoulder belt and set of filters


Options and Spare Parts
  • Carry Bag
    for LD-5R
    Item code : 080000-726
  • Data communication cable with soft ware for LD-5R
    Item code : 080000-7203
  • High Efficiency Backup Filter for LD-5R
    Item code : 080000-7202
  • T60A20 Teflon-Coated Glass Fiber Filters, 20mm dia.50pcs/set
    Item code : 080130-60220
  • Suction adaptor for LD-5R
    Item code : 080000-087
  • Analog Pulse cable for LD-5R
    Item code : 080000-7204
  • AC Adpter Model PA-1210
    Item code : 080000-1210
  • PM10 Cyclone for LD-5R
    Item code : 090000-101
  • PM2.5 Cyclone for LD-5R
    Item code : 080000-251

The LD-5R digital dust indicator is a relative concentration meter based on the light scattering method. It measures the dust level in less time than the filtrated collection method. Due to its characteristics, the relative concentration may be converted into mass concentration with the use of the coefficient of conversion into mass concentration (K factor) calculated on the basis of the filtrated collection method.


The LD-5R PM2.5 digital dust indicator is a combination of the LD-5R with a PM2.5 cyclone particle size selector to perform the simplified measurement of PM2.5 concentrations.

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