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Calibration Gases and Accessories

Calibration Kit

Calibration kit is the accessory required for periodic check and maintenance of all types of Gas detectors. Different type of gas detectors require varied type of calibration accessories in the Kit. Tritech make E series calibration kit consists of state of art light weight 0.5 ltr. water capacity Aluminium gas cans with needle valve and Regulator-Flowmeter. This provides constant flow without Regulator needing readjustment regularly. Tritech make E series calibration kit provides huge saving in calibration gas consumption and hands free calibration. Standard gas can is filled with 20 kg /cm2 pressure making 10 ltrs of calibration gas available but higher capacity cans can be supplied with filling pressure of 100 kg allowing 50ltrs of calibration gas. Standard stability of gas is 6 months but higher stability samples are also available on request.

When extra large quantity of calibration gas is required Tritech supplies 3/10/47 ltr. Water capacity cylinders.

As an when required other accessories like calibration bag, calibration adapter and connecting tubes form part of calibration kit

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