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Riken make FI‐8000 is highy accurate gas analyser which can measure Methyl Bromide (MBr) , Phosphine (PH3) or other Fumigation gases during Fumigation process. It is highly adapted to Indian site conditions like high temperature, dust and rough handling.


  • Features
  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • Advantages
  • Gases detected Ph3, MBr, CS2, MI, SO2F2, C2H4Br2
  • Measurement Gas Changeable on field by customer
  • Long life and Reliable Interferometric sensor
  • Accurate and fast Monitoring of Gas Conc.
  • Improved design, Lightweight & Robust structure
  • Large Display with back light convenient for dark place
  • Inbuilt data logging
  • Dust & Water proof to IP 67


Model FI-8000
Measuring principle Optical interferometric method
Measuring gas Please refer below details
Indication accuracy Within ± 3% (at constant temperature) ※
Type TYPE P-□□-□□ TYPE A-□□-□□
Sampling method Pump suction type Hand-aspirating type
Self-diagnosis function Low battery, Low light, Low contrast, abnormal atmospheric pressure and abnormal temperature
Display LCD digital (7-segment value display + code + 20 segment word x 2 lines)
Each display Measuring gas, gas concentration, measuring unit and battery capacity reminder
Power source Alkaline battery pack (AA size battery x 3 pcs) (standard) Or, Lithium ion battery (optional)
Ingress proof rating IP67 equivalent
Ambient humidity & temp Temperature : -20~50°C, Humidity : Below 95%RH (Non-condensing)
Dimensions Approx. 154 (W) × 127 (H) × 81 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 1.1kg (including alkaline batteries)
Approx. 1.2kg (including lithium ion batteries)
Explosion proof Intrinsically Safe Exia IIc T4
Methyl Bromide : 0~200 g/m3
Sulfuryl Fluoride : 0~200 g/m3
Propylene Oxide : 0~10 vol %
Methyl Iodide : 0~200 g/m3
Methyl Bromide : 0~5 vol %
Phosphine : 0~50 g/m3
Continuous operation Above 12 hrs (for alkaline battery use)
Above 18 hrs (for lithium ion battery use)
(25°C with no back light on)
Above 16 hrs (for alkaline battery use)
Above 24 hrs (for lithium ion battery use)
(25°C with no back light on)
External output IrDA (for data logging)
Function Data logging, atmospheric pressure correction, temp compensation

※Indication accuracy subject to the measuring gas.

Common Accessories (Anaesthetic/fumigation/customized gas)
  • Gas Samplingtube(1m)
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Hand-aspirator
    (For TYPE A only)
Anaesthetic Accessories
  • Absorption Tube
  • Tube Fix Belt
Optional Accessories
  • Lithium Ion Battery Unit
  • Datalogging Software
  • AC Adaptor
  • FI-8000 needs Calibration only after every 1 year, Unlike Competitors, which requires calibration every 6 months. Time taken by Tritech for Calibration is only 1 day, this cannot be said about competitors.
  • FI-8000, same monitor can be used to monitor MBr & Ph3 (ALP) gases by change of setting by user himself. Competitor’s instrument monitors 1 gas only.
  • Riken FI-8000 uses long life & reliable interferometric sensor. Same as its previous model FI-21. These instruments have long life. ie more than 10-15 years. Depending on usage such long life and reliability is missing in competitors products.
  • FI-8000 has Rubber coated, tough enclosure which is ATEX approved and IP67 certified. Competitors offer plastic housing which are not approved.
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