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SP-220 FUM is a portable gas leak checker designed to easily check for fumigation gas leaks. It doubles up as TLV detector. With 12 hours operation on 2 AA size alkaline batteries and weighing in at only 215 grams this instrument is ideal for fumigation. This device is revolutionary to the gas detection market, in that it has been designed to be light and compact but also a very reliable tool for the user.


  • Features
  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • Advantages
  • Gases detected Ph3, MBr, CS2, MI, HCN, SO2F2, C2H4Br2
  • Measurement Gas Changeable on field by customer
  • Long life and Reliable solid state sensor
  • Accurate and fast detection of even minor leaks
  • Easy Grip & Robust structure
  • Large Display with Audio, Visual Alarm
  • LED light available. Easy to measure gas leakage at a dark place
  • Very light weight only 215 gms.
  • Intrinsically safe, Dust & Water proof to IP 55


Model SP-220 TYPE - FUM (Fumigation)
Target gas Refer to the gas list
Detection principle Hot-wire semiconductor method
Sensor SH-8662
Measuring range Depends on target gas
Alarm set point Depends on target gas
Accuracy Displays 0.1 ppm-bar when applied PH3 0.3 ppm.
Alarm pattern Gas alarm: Gas concentration reached or over the setting point.
Trouble alarm : Sensor connection / breaking, Low battery, Low flow Circuit error, Calibration error
Alarm method Non-latching
Display of alarm Gas alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer
Trouble alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer, Display of error message
Alarm delay time 0 sec.
Sampling method Sample draw
Response time 10 sec.: Time to reach 0.1 ppm when applied PH3 0.3 ppm.
Output signal IrDA
Display device LCD
Display contents Gas name, Gas concentration, Time, Battery, Pilot indicator, Pump driving indicator
Power source 2 AA dry cell batteries
Continuous operation More than 12 hrs.
Operatingtemp.& humidity -20 ~ + 55°C (-4°F~ + 131° F), 0~95%RH (Non-condensing)
Dimension & Weight 200mm(H) x 43mm(D) x 47mm(W)
(Taper nozzle not included), 215g
Ingress proof IP 55
Function Manual LCD backlight (Automatically ON when alarming), Peak value, Snap logging, Time, Cal alarm
Standard Accessories
  • Hand strap
  • Protection rubber cover
  • Taper nozzle
  • 2 x Alkaline battery
Gassensitivity & Display
  • TLV Ph3: 0.3 PPM
  • MBr: 5 PPM
  • SP-220 works as Leak Checker and TLV Detector. Competitor instruments either work as Leak checker or TLV detector.
  • SP-220 has in built pump for fast response. Competitor models are diffusion type only. This leads to slow response.
  • SP-220 needs Calibration after every 1 year, Unlike Competitors which requires calibration every 6 months. Time taken by Tritech for Calibration is only 1 day this cannot be said about competitors.
  • Same SP-220 can be used to detect MBr & Ph3 gases just by change of setting by user himself. Competitors Instrument only detects 1 gas.
  • SP-220 uses long life & reliable solid state sensor same as previous Model: GH-202F. These instruments have long life more than 10-15 years. depending on usage. Such long life and reliability is missing in competitors products.
  • SP-220 has Rubber coated, tough enclosure which is ATEX approved and IP55 certified. Competitors offer plastic housing.
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