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The Model SD-1 series smart transmitter/ detect heads are sate of the art instruments housed in flameproof enclosure certified by ATEX. A simple magnetic control key is used to adjust and calibrate the instrument. Five different types of sensor can be used along with SD-1 to detect variety of Flammable, Toxic and Oxygen gases. SD-1 IR Type HS comes with HART output and is SIL2 compliant. Relay contacts for Alarms, Fault and 4-20 mA output is available standard in other models.

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  • Explosion class Exd IIC T6 Gb (CML 15ATEX1034 / IECEx (Pending))
  • SIL2 IEC61508:2010 Parts 1-7
  • 4-20mA DC output with HART
  • IP65 ingress class
  • Small, rugged, dust and weather proof construction
  • One man maintenance by magnetic control key
  • Self diagnosis by microprocessor
  • LNG Terminal
  • Petro-refinery, Petrochemical Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Station, Gas Utilities
  • Iron and steel Works
Detection Principle Non Dispersive Infrared Ray (NDIR)
Gas to be detected Combustible gas
Concentration Display Seven-segment LED (four-digit)
Detection Range 0-100 %LEL (0.5%LEL/digit)
Detection Method Diffusion type
Alarm Setpoint Value 25 %LEL
External Output 4-20mADC with HART (load resistance : 300 Ω Max)
Initial clear time Approx. 25 seconds
Alarm Delay Time (under the same conditions) Approx. 30 seconds when exposed to gas concentration of 1.6 times alarm level
Gas Alarm Display ALM lamp on (red)
Gas Alarm Pattern Non latching (auto-reset)
Fault Alarm / Self Diagnosis System abnormalities / sensor abnormalities
Fault Alarm Display FAULT lamp on (yellow)/detail display
Fault Alarm Pattern Non latching (auto-reset)
Transmission Cable CVVS 1.25 mm2 - 3-core or - 4-core
CVVS 2.0 mm2 - 3-core or - 4-core
Transmission Distance Max 1.25 km CVVS 1.25 mm2
Max 2.0 km CVVS 2.0 mm2
Power Supply 24 VDC (17 – 26.4 VDC)
Power Consumption Maximum 2 W
Cable Connecting Port Flameproof Cable Gland
Operating Temperatures -20 - +60°C (at a constant condition)
Operating Humidity Below 95% RH (Non‐condensing)
Explosion-Proof Structure Flame-proof enclosures
Explosion-Proof Class Exd IIC T6 Gb
Explosion-Proof Certification Number CML 15ATEX1034 / IECEx (Pending)
dimensions / Weight Approx. 148 (W) x 161 (H) x 88 (D) mm
(projection portions excluded) Approx. 2.0 kg

Specifications subject to change without notice

Standard Accessories
  • Magnetic key
Optional Accessories
  • Calibration Cap
  • Sun Shade Cover (For pole stand)
  • Sun Shade Cover (For wall)
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