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Multi Gas Detector


Tritech is proud to offer the smallest and lightest 4-gas Personal monitor in the world, weighing only 100 gms, it is specially designed for measuring in breathing zone (58MM (W) x 65MM (H) x 26MM (D)). The GX-3R simultaneously monitors and displays Combustibles, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide. The GX-3R represents the latest evolution of Gas Detection technology. Advancements include 95 db audible Alarm, 25 hours battery life, Water and dust resistant to IP 66/68 standards. Robust design that with stands 7m drop. 26 nos. of combustible gas list to choose from library. Inbuilt 3600 data records logging in built feature.

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • List Of Gases Detected
  • Simultaneous and real-time Detection of 4 gases LEL, O2, H2S & CO
  • Water and dust resistant, IP66/68
  • 3 bright LED Alarm windows
  • Continuous operation for up to 25 hours
  • RFI shielded housing
  • Data Logging standard
  • STEL and TWA readouts
  • Continuously displays current time.
  • Large simultaneous display for 4 gases
  • Loud alarm Buzzer 95dB at 30 cm
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery pack
  • Built in shock-resistant coating
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Auto-calibration
  • Peak hold readout

* 3 year warranty on material and workmanship including sensors (1 year warranty for Ammonia and Chlorine sensors)

Model GX-3R
Detection Method Diffusion type (Changeable to sampling type by attaching RP-3R)
Gas Alarm Indication Lamp flashing, continuous modulating buzzer sounding, gas concentration display blinking, vibration
Reset operation: Self-latching
Fault Alarm System abnormality, sensor abnormality, battery voltage drop, calibration failure
Fault Alarm Indication Lamp flashing, intermittent buzzer sounding, detail display
Reset operation: Self-latching
Displays LCD digital, backlight, operation status, clock, battery level, temperature, peak reading, calibration notification
Buzzer Volume Approx. 95dB (30cm)
Data Logger Function Maximum number of items: 3,600   Interval: 5 minutes (adjustable)   Communication system: IrDA
Explosion Proof Class Intrinsically safe explosion-proof construction
ATEXII1G Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga / IM1 Ex da ia I Ma (With combustible gas sensor)
II1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga / IM1 Ex ia I Ma (No combustible gas sensor)
IECEx Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga / Ex da ia I Ma (With combustible gas sensor)
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga / Ex ia I Ma (No combustible gas sensor)
Protection Level Equivalent to IP66/68 (2 m, 1 h)
Power Source Lithium ion rechargeable battery unit   Charging time: Approx. 3 hours
Continuous Operating Time*1 Long-life battery mode on: Approx. 40 hours (25°C, fully charged, no alarm, no lighting)
Long-life battery mode off: Approx. 25 hours (25°C, fully charged, no alarm, no lighting)
Temperature Range/ Humidity Range*2 -40℃~+60℃(no sudden changes), 0~95%RH (non-condensation)
External Dimensions/Weight Approx. 58mm (W) × 65mm (H) × 26mm (D) (excluding protrusions) / Approx.100g

*1 Varies depending on sensor type installed. Please contact Riken Keiki for more information.

*2 In temporary ambient conditions for approximately 15 minutes. The operating temperature and humidity ranges for continuous ambient conditions are as follows: Temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C (no sudden changes) / Humidity: 10 to 90 %RH (no condensation)

Standard Accessories
  • Appearance When
  • Protective Cover
    (Part No. 4777 4161 10)
  • AC Adapter (Part No. 2594 0898 30)
    Alligator Clip (Part No. 4777 9203 10)
    Hand Strap (Part No. 0888 0605 90)
  • EU Plug
    (Part No. 2594 0933 60)
Optional Accessories
  • Heat Resistant Case
  • Leather Case
  • Belt Clip
  • Arm/Ankle Belt
  • Protective Film
  • Manual Suction Unit
  • Charging Cradle
  • Five Unit AC Adaptor
  • Calibration Adapter
  • Data Management Program
Detection Target Gas Combustible Gas
(HC or CH4)
Oxygen Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Sulfide
Detection Principle New Ceramic Type Electrochemical Type
Detection Range
(service range)
0~100%LEL 0~25.0 vol%
(~40.0 vol%)
1 digit 1%LEL 0.1vol% 1ppm 0.1ppm
Gas Alarm Setpoint
(can be set by user)
1st alarm : 10%LE
2nd alarm : 20%LEL
3rd alarm : 50%LEL
OVER alarm : 100%LEL
L alarm : 19.5vol%
LL alarm : 18.0vol%
H alarm : 23.5vol%
OVER alarm : 40.0vol%
1st alarm :25ppm
2nd alarm :50ppm
3rd alarm :1200ppm
TWA alarm : 25ppm
STEL alarm : 200ppm
OVER alarm: 2000ppm
1st alarm : 5.0ppm
2nd alarm : 30.0ppm
3rd alarm : 100.0ppm
TWA alarm : 1.0ppm
STEL alarm : 5.0ppm
OVER alarm : 200.0ppm
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